Every great story starts with an interesting conflict.

Conflict is what creates interest, and interest is what drives action. So if you want your brand’s story to be more effective, you need to start by identifying the unique problem your product or service can solve in people’s lives. We help our clients find their conflict and then build their whole story, identity, and experience around it.

What we do

Brand Creation

We work with some of the most ambitious start-ups in North America to create brands from scratch. From category definition, brand strategy, and brand name development through to visual identity and launch materials, we build battle ready brands for today's competitive marketplace.

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Brand Activation

We create and produce breakthrough campaigns for our clients, helping them permeate pop culture and earn more than their fair share of attention in the process.

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Brand Transformation

We transform the way established brands present themselves and go to market by reimagining their story and modernizing their image and voice.

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Brand Design

We’re experts at defining and visually expressing the essence of a brand. Whether it’s evolving a current mark or overhauling an entire design system, our studio builds brands informed by a competitive brand story, not by trends.

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Leadership Team

Jason Last

Partner & Strategy Director

Tamara Staines

Managing Director

Niall Kelly

Partner & Creative Director