The Moosehead Brand Story

As Canada’s longest-standing independent brewery, Moosehead knew it had an incredibly powerful story to tell. But after years of stop-and-start brand campaigns that leaned on different brand attributes but never felt quite right, the company realized that its storytelling was not creating the level of “brand pull” needed for continued growth in the hyper-competitive beer category.

We were selected as Moosehead’s AOR in 2021 to lead the transformation of its core brands, and our first order of business was to identify the brewery’s Masterbrand story once and for all. This meant helping Moosehead answer a few big, enduring questions: What do we stand for? What do we believe in and value? What’s our mission as a company above and beyond just making great beer?

In answering these questions, we realized that the magic of Moosehead’s story isn’t in its independence or longevity. It’s in the company’s culture and character. Moosehead is proud to be Canada’s longest-standing independent brewery because that’s a really hard thing to be. To get to this point, Moosehead has had to overcome challenges that many others couldn’t even dream of facing. And yet, what makes Moosehead so unique is that overcoming challenges is what the company loves to do. Its essence is what we call the "Courage to Do” – a belief that obstacles are opportunities to show the world what you’re made of. We helped Moosehead lean into this “doer” spirit and positioned it as a champion that inspires more Canadians to find their Courage to Do, too.

What We Did

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