The Mosaic Life Story

Without a doubt, 2020 was the most batshit crazy year any of us have ever lived through. Wildfires. Murder Hornets. Confirmed UFO sightings. Oh ya, and a global pandemic. Which is why when Mosaic Life asked us to help them get millennials interested in life insurance, we decided to create a campaign that leaned into the unexpected and bizarre things that were already happening all around us. Because in 2020, nothing did a better job of selling life insurance than life itself.

What We Did

Brand Strategy

Marketing & Advertising

The team at Conflict are collaborative, quick, and fun. They have incredible expertise without the bloat of a large agency and act as partners rather than service providers.

We complimented the digital and OOH campaign with an AR filter that calculated how likely something risky might happen to you. Our best educated guess of course.

With no shortage of accidental death-related inspiration, we kept our eyes on the news and waited for fresh headlines to write themselves; making it easy to keep our digital media buy flexible, and very topical.