The Moosehead Story

Beer sales have been in decline category wide for years. Consumers are drinking less alcohol or opting for more calorie conscious options like hard seltzers. But simply put, there’s no better beverage than an ice cold beer after a job well done. And no one knows that better than Moosehead - a company that has embodied work ethic and the "doer" mindset for over 155 years as Canada's longest-standing independent brewery. So to celebrate this truth, and get Moosehead Lager back onto the consideration list of hard-working beer lovers, we set out to make Moosehead's iconic green can the ultimate reward for Canadians who had recently built, created, started, finished, conquered something hard or did something they were proud of. Through a series of films, social content, and maker partnerships we invited people from coast to coast to share their accomplishments by tagging us online. And when they did, we had a beer with their name on it waiting for them. Literally.

What We Did

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