The Moosehead Radler Story

When it comes to summer, most alcohol brands seem to think that people just want to lounge on docks and party in backyards. But as we dug into consumer research for Moosehead's best-selling line of radlers, we realized that the majority of radler drinkers are highly active, social people who turn to the product not only to relax, but to quench their thirst after a fun summer activity. So we decided to connect Moosehead Radler directly to the summer activities that actually make these people thirsty. Our Team Refresh campaign invited rec sports teams across Canada to refresh their team names and uniforms while getting officially sponsored by Moosehead Radler. The result? Tons of new brand fans, tons of organic brand exposure, and our target wearing the Moosehead Radler brand on their chest all summer - literally.

What We Did

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