The Frontline Fund Story

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in early 2020 it became clear that frontline healthcare workers would need a great deal of help to battle the virus and keep Canadians safe. A group of 100+ hospitals banded together to create a fundraising network called The Frontline Fund. We were contacted by the marketing team at SickKids - a member hospital - to launch The Frontline Fund and drive awareness and donations for the cause. Our strategy revolved around the idea of presenting a “call to arms” from frontline healthcare workers themselves. We synthesized this message into the “Cover Us” campaign - a nod to the courageous fight that healthcare workers find themselves in, as well as the literal “cover” that they need from the rest of us in terms of supplies, supports, and research funding. The campaign generated 37,201,912 media impressions in its first day and raised over $11 million in its first month.

What We Did

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

Marketing & Advertising

Website Design

Social Media Strategy

As the lead marketer at SickKids, I was asked to develop a campaign to quickly rally the country around this effort. I needed senior partners who could get to a really smart solution, really fast. I called Conflict, and within days we had a fully developed, highly strategic integrated advertising campaign ready to launch.