The Longo’s Story

After decades of success in the highly competitive grocery category, Longo’s knew it was a different and better kind of food company. But for a new generation of shoppers, the family-run brand wasn’t on the radar. So Longo’s partnered with us to reimagine their entire go-to-market strategy - from their brand story and visual identity through to their external advertising and in-store communications - to better attract today’s food-involved shoppers.

We started by grounding the brand’s story in a simple principle that has guided its success since 1956: to only serve others what they’d be happy serving their own family. Then we reimagined the brand’s image to reflect the quality and craftsmanship of a modern Italian family with a love of food running through its veins. For over three years, we’ve continued to partner with Longo’s as it opens new stores, introduces new products and services, and reinforces its commitment to work harder than any other grocery store in Ontario to earn what matters most to today’s food-involved shoppers: their trust.

What We Did

Workshop Facilitation

Research Design & Moderation

Customer Segmentation

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

Marketing & Advertising

Private Label Strategy & Design

Social Media Strategy


Meal Kits
Private Label

Transformation starts with having the right people on the team and Conflict has been a great partner since the beginning. And the results speak for themselves.